Home Theater System

What could be better than having prime seats and hot popcorn at the latest blockbuster movie?

Not having to leave the house.


Today almost everyone has heard the term – home theater. Some folks buy a big screen TV and assume they now have a home theater. Others will buy a small stereo system and connect it to their cable box and think they have a home theater. The truth is you will want to design a home theater that works with your specific individual needs. A quality Audio Video Receiver, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray DVD Player, Speakers and Video display all work in concert to immerse you into an exciting movie watching experience.



Many factors go into designing your home theater. Will you have a dedicated home theater room or will it be a multi-use room?


What size video display is right? Most men will want the biggest TV they can afford, while most women will want a display that doesn’t clash with the layout and design of the room. Actually, THX Ltd. And the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) have standards and recommendations to get this step right.



To achieve grand sound, furnishings, floor materials and window treatments come into consideration. You can buy the best audio gear in the world, but if your home theater has a tile floor, a twenty foot ceiling and minimal window treatments, the odds are listening to your home theater system will be about the same as a football stadium PA. At Advanced Theater and Audio, we will work with you to recommend everything from furnishings to architectural sound panels and soundproofing.


Choosing the right equipment means more than running out to the nearest big box store and buying what’s on sale or recommended by someone who has three pallets of discontinued gear to sell.

We carry only the finest products from the best manufactures in the industry, so you can’t go wrong purchasing your equipment from Advanced Theater & Audio. We make decision-making easy and provide a design to compliment any décor.


We offer an amazing array of theater seating to keep you comfortable while you enjoy your new home theater. This furniture is built to last and is as relaxing as your favorite recliner.


Sometimes a home theater just isn’t finished without a popcorn machine, movie posters, frames, ticket window or a jukebox. Advanced Theater & Audio can supply all of these things as well as automated lighting that dims as the movie starts or a LED star field of your favorite constellation overhead.


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